Fife Housing Association Alliance is taking forward a wide range of projects which make a significant contribution to sustainability by promoting energy efficiency, encouraging the use of renewable sources of energy and protecting the environment.

Fuel Poverty

Alliance tenants receive free energy advice from Cosy Kingdom energy advisers and Kingdom Housing Association’s Energy Advisor, Michael Hui. Householders are advised how to keep warm and save money, as well as learning about practical and affordable ways to save energy, understand energy bills and where to receive help on fuel debt and other money problems.

Kingdom Housing Association’s Energy Advisor, Michael Hui

Community Wind Projects

After funding was finally secured for the wind turbines towards the end of 2016, Ore Valley’s Dundonald wind turbine is now complete, and ready to provide green energy to the local community. The wind turbine will have guaranteed funding for 20 years by Ofgem who will be providing a “Feed In Tariff” which is sometimes known as “Clean Energy Cashback”.

Ore Valley’s wind turbine is now fully functioning

Ore Valley Housing Association intends to split profits 50/50 between itself and the local community, with the community share distributed through grants for local ventures and projects. Secondly, the green electricity the wind turbine will generate contributes to Carbon savings, which benefits everybody and the planet!

Renewables & Education

Fife Housing Association Alliance worked with The Ecology Centre to run workshops to raise primary school pupils’ awareness of the environment, including renewable technologies, to engage children and young people as energy saving ambassadors and to encourage communities to move towards sustainable living.

The Ecology Centre, a local environmental social enterprise, designed the materials and ran the workshops within the schools.

Tulliallan Primary School Renewable Workshops